Welcome to the website dedicated to "Lodz Operation", which took place in November 1914. It was the biggest maneuvering battle of the first period of the First World War. At the front from Torun to Piotrkow fought over 700 thousand German, Russian and Austrian soldiers. 200 thousand of them were killed. They rest on the 273 burial sites in almost whole province. One of the bloodiest battles of World War I has been completely forgotten. Our task is to recall this event to honor the memory of the fallen and collect as many materials as possible to help restore the memory of this "white stain" of the recent history of the region.

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PhD. Piotr Marciniak

The situation on the Russian-German front the day before Lodz Operation

The subject matter of the fights taking place in the middle Russian-German front during the first months of the I World War has not been fully described to this day. For the German society, as PhD. Markus Pöhlmann claims, battles on the East are still unknown, while Russians completely dropped this topic as a result of further experiences (I mean first period of II World War), too hasty according to me, considering it as useless with the changed tactics.

Historical character

Pawel Georg Karlowicz von Rennenkampf

Pawel Georg Karlowicz von Rennenkampf (17th April 1854 – 1st April 1918 ), general cavalry, general – adiutant, colonel.