Calendarium Events, Connected With Operation Lodish.

2004 year

10.10.Alexandrowa's choir ,which  acted on the stage in Lodz dedicated one their songs

Memory 200 thousands soldiers ,killed in war during "Operation Lodish" in November

1914.Commander choir, colonel Leonid Malew, get album with photos with first cemeteries after war surroundings in Lodz and misseles .He gives the materials to Museum Russian Military power in Moscov .

2005 year

6.12.In Headquarter Polish Academy Science in Lodz meet scientists, researchers, archaeologists and searchers military things Piotr Werner  and Foundation "Vain Earth " prepare conference  science "Great War about Vain Earth".

11.12.In the Club Doctor is meeting exhibition "Battles Lodish 1914". Photos cemeteries

2006 year

21,03.Alexandrowa's choir dedicated memory forgetting battles all concert in Musical Theatre.

18-19.05.In the Department History meet a conference scientist with Poland, Russian and Germany. The effect is plan cooperation in the seeking documents connected with "Operation Lodish" and establishing surnames soldiers killed in war .

15.07.In the forest in Justynow stands birch Russian cross, which memory place battles .


30.08.The group 20 volunteers tidies cemetery in Wiaczyn District Nowosolna helped Standing fence around cemetery and it protected it against Vandals.

2010."Tele-bridge" with city Krasnojarsk they established, that in the revenge to tidy cemeteries in voivodeship Lodish Russian will look after Polish cemeteries (nectropoly) in the Syberia. This tidies were made in country Krasnojarsk in November 2007.

2-4 11. In Lodz was place Polish - Russian forum tourist. Almost 100 companies tourist

Get information about "Operation Lodish", which will be potential attraction in this region.

29.11.In Wiaczyn is funeral 10 soldiers Russian, who killed in war during I (First War World), their pieces of body found in the forest, near village Dabrowka. In this funeral was provincial governor. Information about this funeral is said in all Russian  media. In the effects Governors City Krasnojarsk want to have good relationships with Lodz and region.

2007 year

7.01.Establish Association Operate - Historic "Group Lodz ". It is established of searchers militaries. At present the together at Regional Direct Forests States ,collects exhibit to future museum battle, which establish in Tadzin, near Brzeziny.

8.01.Materials and exactly it collection is showed of conference "Great Battle about Vain Earth". (3thousands t.)

10.01.20 subjects of district Brzeziny solves coalition and knows battle  this local product tourist. Tidies are made on the cemeteries in Pustulka,  Pocwiardowka and Galkow.

7.03.SH-E prepares exhibition finds. This exhibition is presents in library in Olechow, in High School Tourist and Hotels, in library in Galkow and since

23.11 in LDK

1.09.Exhibition finds term of battle (Galkow) is element Festival Dialog four Cultures.

7.09.In the rams festival Koluszki is conference knowledge, topic battles and using battles in the goals tourist.

20.10.Regional Direction Forest States in Lodz turns up board memory for soldiers killed in war during I World War. This is grown "Forest Memory", blessed for Pope Benedykta XVI. In the ceremonies is provincial governor, Lodish, presenters local government, young people and veterans.

22-27.10.Cemetery in Pocwiardowka together tidy German soldiers and Polish. There are ceremonies to memory near monument soldiers killed in war.

7.11.In the forest galkowskow is large stone to memory Polish soldiers, killed in war, in the enemy's uniforms .

28.11District Koluszki started making webside in four languages about battle.

23.11. In Koluszki is conference self government,topic: using tourist "Operation Lodish"