Nikolaj Wladymirowicz Ruzskij

Nikolaj Wladymirowicz Ruzskij (6th March 1854 – 18th October 1918) general infantry, general – adiutant. He studied in I War Gymnasium Petersburski and in II Hihg School Konstantynowska. He was promoted to the rank officer in 1870 year and delegated to Grenardier Regiment ley-guardian. He commanded rots (June- October 1877 and march – June 1878 ). Inhabitiants war Russian – Turkish in years 1877 – 1878 where he was wounded. In 1881 year he finished Academy Staff Nikolajewska, where he was the best student. Since 5th December he had function assitant older adiutant Kazanski Staff War Will. Since11th march 1882 year to 26th November 1887 older adiutant Kijewski Staff War Will. In may – October 1881 year he commanded battalion 131 regiment Tiraspolski. Since 26th November 1887 year Chief Staff 11th Cavalry, and since 19th march 1891 year 32nd division infantry. Since 23rd July he commanded 151st regiment Pitagorski, while since 13rd December 1896 year general – billeter Staff War Will Kijewski. Since 10th April 1904 year chief staff Wilenski Will War. During Russian – Japanese war 1904 – 1905, when another armies were on the new formed after battle Szanchajska, Ruzskij since 28th September 1904 year he was promoted to the chief field staff 2. Army Mandzurska. After backing to Russia, Ruzskij since 6th October 1909 year he commanded XXI Corpus. Since 31st January 1909 year with bad state his health, he was called at commanding and he was member of Council War. Since 29th March 1909 year he was promoted to rank general. He prepared documents law and acts. He was author Act Fatigues from 1912 year. Since 7th February 1912 year again he was calling to serving in the army (he was not called membering of Council War). Served in the army performed this vice- commander Kijewski War Will.At the moment taking off war Ruzskij since 19th July 1914 year is commander 3.Front Army Northern – Western. During battle Galicyjska 3. Army attacked to the direct Lwow on the front Kulikow – Mikolajew. 6th September Army acrossed border and shorted front at 120 to 75 km, did front bumps on the Austrian – Hungarian armies. No taking into consideration gaving information about defeats Russian armies attacking to direct Tomaszow and Lublin, Ruzskij all time attacked to direct town Lwow, which wining he thought for the most important goal for his army.26th august by the river Zlota Lipa near local Zloczew 3. Army fought battle with 3. Army Austrian – Hungarian, which finished Ruzskij forced army to came backing on the front.29th  August again defeated this same army, which made new attack and day later Russian unit broke front. However Ruzskij did not use chance and he did not destroy armies enemy. But 3rd September he went in to town Lwow. After occuping, in the region local Rawa Ruska, 6th September, Ruzskij’s 3. Army their main powers meeting 4. Army Austrian – Hungarian. In the battles 8th September, as a result caming back one corpus,3. Army was in the trouble. Armies enemy did not give reserved, 11th September broke fight.Winning town Lwow caused increase popular general Ruzskij, who 23rd August he was decorated how first medal saint George 4 and 3 grade.3rd September 1914 year he was promoted tothe Chief Commander Northern – Western Front. When he was Chief Commander he thought that making Russian armies in Galicja should have only character protect, while main powers should direct against German armies.After pernamenting job he started caming back units, which were under commanding behind river, which were , according he, better places to protect. 22nd September 1914 year he was promoted to rank general- adiutant. On this job he had always “his point see” and according it he all did. During Operation Warszawsko – Deblinska he wanted to form Group Attacking Narewska, which would go in Prussia Easter from side city Warszawa. 25th October 1914 year for successed in Battle Galicyjska he gave medal saint George 2nd grade. After finishing Operation Warszawsko – Deblinska during „Operation Lodish” he commanded while another opinion other commanders 1., and 5. Armies, commanding to caming back. This making gave possibility, according Russian  authors, caming out with trap German XXV Corpus and 3rd division guardian. After giving information that his commands went to General Staff about caming back units and going out oponents he came back his units on the new positions. In January 1915 year took his commanding to defeat Russian armies reserves under town Lomza and local Wola Szadkowska. In february – march armies Front fought in hard battles in the region Grodno and Przasnysz. And commanding general Ruzskij took to defeat Russian armies, similar to this , how had in the Mazurian District lakes in 1914 year. In the second Operation Przasnycka Russian stopped German, but they had little soldiers, little than German.13th March 1915 year Ruzskij was called at commanding front and 17th March he was member of Council Country, and 20th member of Council War. On this job he was until 30th June, when this he got commanding 6. Army Independentely. Since 18th august at the moment dividing Front Northern – Western he had job chief Front Northern – Western, which did not allow going in to town Piotrogord. On this job he was to 6th December. Since this day practical he was in the reserve, which lasted to 1st August 1916 year, when he came again on job Chief Northern Front, which all 1916 year did not make bigger operations. In during preparing plans on year 1917, he had proposition making attack on the rants Northern and Western Front in the region town Wilno. However as a result another opinion other commanders and officers plan this was not made. When started disintegration Russian Armies, 25th april 1917 year he gave commanding and went out „on occur” to town Kisalowodosk. In September 1918 year, after winning town for Army Red, he with other generals he was prisoner of war. He was shot in town Pitagorsk. After deading he made grave. Written according book A. A. Zalljesskij, First War World, Moskwa 2000
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